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Message From the Founder, CEO.

As Leaders in Urban Development and Innovation, we never lost sight of the need to persevere through the pandemic and accelerate through recovery. Clarity of our mission remained –  to deliver high impact Real Estate Ventures, Healthcare Strategies, Food & Beverage, and Venture + Tech, combined with a dedicated commitment to Social Responsibility.

Guided by our company principals, “Candid, Thoughtful, Agile,” we focus our enthusiasm and passion to build, create, and exercise the opportunity to “color outside the box.” We consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to serve our communities with our comprehensive, determined approach to problem-solving in the urban core. This is a responsibility we acknowledge and a challenge we accept with deep appreciation.

We approach every project in an intimate and catalytic manner, with a disciplined investment strategy and intentional execution which continues to aid our efforts in developing quality and sustainable communities, while achieving the double bottom line for our investors, partners, and stakeholders.

As a result, today, Royal Capital reflects on a solid decade of progress on many fronts – including a significant pipeline of revenue-generating infrastructure in communities throughout the United States.

If the last year and a half proved anything, it is that our team is relentless in our desire to add value to our communities, and we relish the opportunity to serve as your trusted partner.

Onward and Upward,

Kevin L. Newell, Founder, CEO

Leaders In Urban Development & Innovation

At Royal Capital, we consider our principle mission to be elevating communities – helping to create equitable, thriving places for people to live and work. It’s never been more important to find real, tangible solutions to disparities and injustices present in today’s urban areas. That’s why our vision is bold and dynamic; our decisions are intentional and strategic; our actions are thoughtful and inspire.

From housing to retail, from philanthropy to community and health services, we relish the opportunity to provide, build equity and prosperity that stretch beyond the brick-and-mortar.